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(Brian Branam Author)

Your next step could change everything.

Amazon Customer Reviews:

#TheWalk looks at not just the pace Christians are living at but also explores the Paths, Presence, Providence, Provision, Priority, Progress, and Plan of the Christian walk. I found myself convicted from chapter 1. The Holy Spirit gets the attention of His children in many ways. He used Brian Branam's book to get mine. I encourage all world weary, stressed-out slaves to schedules to stop and read what God has to say through Branam about the way we are living." - Amy B.

"I recommend this book because of Brian's faithfulness to scripture, common sense approach to the busy lives of 21st century people, straightforward logic that is missing in so much contemporary thought, and most of all because of his pastoral desire for others to experience the life change that he himself has experienced in #TheWalk." - David D.

"Began reading #TheWalk and honestly could not put it down yet wanted to insure that I fully understood and apply each paragraph, and as the book explains go at God's pace, so I am reading the book at His pace." - Nick V.

"Brian offers a simple, yet challenging look at a Christian's walk with God. The chapter on pace - learning to slow down so that you can hear God and see Him work - is of great value. The book is an excellent read for personal study, but it also would be useful in a group setting. The chapters include headings, questions, and principles that offer opportunities for discussion and application. The book is more than just a theoretical study of personal growth; it is a very practical challenge for believers at every stage of their walk with Christ." - Bill H.




 Grace, Hope, and Love Daily Devotional

(Brian Branam Contributor)


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The Grace, Hope, and Love daily devotional contains a collection of devotionals written by 52 of America's leading pastors and evangelists such as Johnny Hunt, Bob Pittman, James Merritt, and Ted Traylor.  

This special edition of the devotional guides readers in the way God wants Christians to live—through the grace, hope, and love of Jesus Christ.

God has provided an anchor of His grace, hope, and love for believers to live in the center of His will. Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians that love never fails. You can count on God in whatever circumstance life presents. Each day features Scripture passages, a devotion, and a prayer that reveal how God’s grace, hope and love can transform your life.

From Brian:

I was deeply honored to be called upon to contribute to this edition of the devotional. Pastor Johnny Hunt and Harper Collins Publishing has been producing these books for many years.  This series has become an annual favorite that finds itself by the bedsides and on the desktops of God's people.  

I wrote six messages for the book which comprise week 50.  Each day contains a Bible verse, thought provoking message, and a prayer.  I spent a lot of time studying and praying about what God would have me to write with each word.  I can't wait for you to read it and see how God uses this series of devotionals to guide your walk with Him.

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