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The Return of Nehemiah

">The Return of Nehemiah from Brian Branam on Vimeo.
Nehemiah was a man who caught a vision for the revival of God's people. However, this return to a homeland could not simply be a physical relocation, but also a spiritual one as well. The scope of the gospel and plan of God for the ages has to be at the forefront of our returning or else we do not know to what we must return, what it looks like, what the standard is. The gospel calls us to return to the cross, return to the commission, return to the commandments, return to our family, return to missions, return to giving, return to worship - if we simply feel sorry and want to do better, then we have failed. The point of returning is to get ourselves back in line with God's love for His people in the covenant.
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The Return of Nehemiah (Talking Points for Sunday A.M. 9/92012)

From Nehemiah 1:

Too often "revival" is a planned event, a mere "flash in the pan" with no long term consequence.  Nehemiah's return to God, his revival, was foundational not merely a flashpoint.  His return to God began the process of rebuilding a nation.  How do we experience revival that is more foundational than flashpoint?  For revival to have a long-term impact on a people and a community we must understand the nature of returning.

  • Returning begins with confession out of brokenness.
  • Returning is based in Scripture.
  • Returning is born out of constant prayer.
  • Returning brings us back from the extremes.
  • Returning is a beginning, not an end in itself.
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