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Questions to Evaluate Your Prayer Life

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Below are some questions that may help you evaluate your prayer life and make some necessary changes.
  1. Does my prayer life move the Acts 1:8 mission forward?
  2. Does my prayer life reflect dependence on God or do I pray for things it would take little effort or resources to accomplish on my own (Phil. 4:19)?  
  3. If God answered my prayers, would it bring more glory to Him or more attention to me (James 4:3)? 
  4. How does my prayer life reflect the time I spend in Scripture (Psalm 119)?
  5. Do I ask for specific things (James 4:2)?  
  6. Does my prayer life consist of praise and thanksgiving to God, intercession for others, confession of sin, as well as personal requests (Luke 11:1-4, 1 Tim. 2:1)? 
  7. Is it measurable?  If it was answered, would I know it?  Am I actively looking for how God answers?
  8. How long do I generally pray about things (Luke 11:9-10)?
  9. If God answered my prayers:
      • What would be the impact of the advancement of the gospel in the world?
      • How many people would be added to the work of the ministry?
      • How would it impact the church I attend?
      • How would it grow my marriage?
      • How would it encourage faithfulness?
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Sermon: Praying for Forgiveness

Are you certain that when you pray for forgiveness that God answers your prayer? Do you find yourself asking for forgiveness for the same sins over and over again? If I ask God to just forgive me in general, does that cover it, or do I need to actually name my sins one by one? The prayer for forgiveness is a prayer we need to get right. In Luke 18 two men go to the Temple to pray. One man prays for forgiveness and leaves the Temple right with God. The other man prayed, but he was basically just talking to himself. This story, as well as three conversations with God from the Old Testament (Cain, Jeremiah, and Ezra), teach us about God’s attitude about our sin and how we should approach Him in asking for forgiveness.

Listen to the sermon "Praying for Forgiveness."

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